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Protection of your personal Data is the overriding aim of this policy. 


Our business also relies on the absolute discretion and integrity of all Data Handlers involved in its legitimate search and selection business.


This data protection policy regulates how Era processes and stores personal data of its staff, suppliers, clients and candidates.  It applies to all employees. Its purpose is to ensure that Era complies with the law and operates to high data protection standards.


In this policy “personal data” means any recorded information which identifies a living individual.

Your Data ......

Our Commitment

1. Purpose


As an international search and selection organisation Era receives, processes, retains and shares personal data only for the purposes of sourcing and matching candidates/client roles.


When Era employs or contracts with clients it may also process, retain and share personal data of those clients for all lawful purposes related to that employment or contractual relationship.


Era does not collect, store or share personal data for any other purposes.


Era does not maintain a candidate database, but will only process/hold/share data for those clients/candidates involved in a current lawful search.


Furthermore, we only retain personal data for the duration of an active client/candidate relationship.  Data held is reviewed quarterly and deleted after 9 months without contact or a lawful reason and approval to do so.



2. Appointment of a Data Protection Officer


Era has appointed a Data Protection Officer, Jeremy Wilson, who will oversee compliance with data protection law and will act as a point of contact for Era and the Information Commissioner’s Office (the “ICO”). The Data Protection Officer has had/will continue to have training to ensure that he/she has current knowledge of data protection law and practices.


3.  Client and Candidates data rights


Anyone who has submitted personal Data to Era may request that the Data Protection Officer:


a. Provides them with a copy of all personal data that Era holds about them.  The Data Protection Officer shall promptly provide a copy of all information required to be disclosed by law.


b. Rectifies any incorrect personal data held by Era about them.  The Data Protection Officer shall promptly consider such a request and respond to it in accordance with the law.


c. Stops Era from processing some or all of their personal data. The Data Protection Officer shall promptly consider such an objection and respond to it in accordance with the law.


Data Protection Notice


This notice is for all candidates, clients, suppliers and staff engaging with EraSearch (“Era”) . It applies to the processing of your personal data by Era.


 1. Use of your data during your engagement with Era on a client job search


As a candidate you consent to the processing, retention and sharing of your personal data for the purpose of assessing your suitability for a specific role or agreed type of role. You can withdraw your consent and request erasure of your data at any. Your data will then be erased.


The legal basis on which your personal data will be used is the legitimate interests EraSearch in its legitimate work on a client/candidates  behalf.



2. Sharing data with third parties


As a recruitment organisation Era will only share candidate/client data with such people directly involved in its lawful search business.


It will not share personal data of any client/candidate for any other reason unless it has the consent of the relevant client/candidate.



3. Data security


Era  shall periodically review the security of its records and processing activities and shall take appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data that it holds.


Furthermore encryption and anonymised/pseudonymised records are utilised.


4. Registration with ICO


Era  shall maintain its annual registration with the ICO.



 5. Reporting breaches to the Data Protection Officer


Actual or potential breaches of this policy, or of data protection law by the Province, shall be reported immediately to the Data Protection Officer. Breaches shall be reported if required via the Data Protection Officer to the ICO or directly to the anyone whose data is affected.


Further information on Data Protection legislation can be obtained at the ICO website:


Policy updated 31 March 2018

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