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Its your next move ...


ASPIRE to the best Career

When considering your next move EraSearch can help your decision making with an honest appraisal of your own and a roles suitability - based on current market intelligence.

EraSearch have over 18 years experience of working with market leading organisations across IT, Consultancy, End Users, Public Sector, IT Security and Defence. This has helped us build up highly-effective networks to help people to move at all corporate levels from consultant to VP. More importantly we keep in touch with the people we engage with and it is via these long-term relationships that we can help you find new opportunities that may never be widely advertised , if at all.

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How EraSearch can help you 

Recruitment need not be an adversarial process, there has to be accommodation from all parties involved and we can help achieve win/win solutions that are fair and enduring. Our aim is to support your move into a successful new role where everybody gains.

Our most effective tool is providing fast frank communication throughout the process. We do not dodge any awkward issues, but will work with you to overcome challenges if they arise.

We offer support and guidance at every stage from initial discussions with us, through preparing for the interview process, closing a satisfactory offer, resigning and joining processes for the new company.

Typically questions we can help with include:

  • How does a specific move fit in your overall career plan?

       We can offer impartial advice whether a move is logical and going to be productive for you in a given timescale

  • Where could a move take you?

       Era can help you objectively assess the realistic promotion prospects at client organisations and the potential value of enhancing your skill             set. Indeed moving sideways to subsequently progress more rapidly can be worthwhile, particularly to gain further skills or consolidate                     experience.

Furthermore our live market intel  can help you objectivlely analyse just what are your real options:

  • How is the market moving ?


       We continually revise our analysis of developing trends, potential skill shortages, excess capacity for specific roles/levels, impacts of new                 legislation and regulatory requirements. Also we will consider with you whether a move is indeed always best - is staying and renegotiating a         new role or package viable?

  • Who is hiring?


       We are talking to people who are changing jobs everyday; not only studying who is hiring, but also who is shedding staff and predicting                   pending hiring activity.

  • At what levels?


       It is crucial that people understand job titles vary in responsibility and seniority within each organisation. Each company has their own                       structure and we can advise where you should be aiming to join at.

  • What is your relative market value?


       Again we will base our advice on experience and current market data drawn from continual research and engagement with people making             moves today.

  • How do you access unadvertised roles?

       Clients may have clear commercial reasons to put an appointment straight to unadvertised search typically when discretion and focussed               engagement are paramount for sensitive appointments. Also, when clients are already appreciating the services we deliver, then they are               much more receptive to considering additional high calibre candidates details for other potential roles too. This enables us to effectively                 generate opportunities for people with other profiles that a client is likely to be interested in too. Our credibility is on the line with this                       process, so candidates can be sure this is never just speculative, but is always founded on verified market intelligence and us being able to             demonstrate clear value of a candidate to an organisation.

Thank you for your consideration of the services we offer and we look forward to working with you when you are considering your next career move. In the meantime we wish you all the best in your current role and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding career development options.

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