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We partner with our clients and offer a tailored efficient range of contingency, retained and hybrid search services designed to help clients identify, acquire and retain the best talent.

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   Era Associates - Recruitment Solutions That Work

The labour market has always been changing - reacting to new technologies, social change and the economic climate. Many factors beyond simple supply and demand will affect overall employment costs such as fiscal policy, welfare standards, training requirements and retention provisions. However, one maxim holds true :

Attracting the best talent available is always worth the investment

To attract and acquire the best people, experience shows that the most successful organisations always ensure that:

  • their vacancies are marketed to the whole talent pool

  • they recognize recruitment is a two-way process

  • they endeavour to always remain positively attractive to the best candidates

  • they maintain fast open communication throughout the hiring process

Hence, Era Associates work by proactive fresh search each assignment - using a mix of new research and market referrals. By this means, Era Associates access the whole market and not just those actively seeking a new position.

Furthermore, by selectively targeting the marketing of vacancies :

  • we get the best calibre referrals for potential candidates

  • we can keep the whole process extremely discreet - vital for candidates too

  • we raise the overall profile of our clients among key players, as clients are seen as active and growing in the market.

In short Era Associates deliver the best candidates available for you to select from.

How can Era support your growth ?

Recruitment need not be an adversarial process there has to be accommodation from all parties involved and we can help achieve win/win solutions that are fair and enduring. Our aim is to support our clients to make successful appointments quickly and effectively. Depending on the search complexity, resourcing required and a clients specific needs Era can work via :

retained assignments      contingency      hybrid arrangements

Our value proposition is two-fold:

  1. Speed of response - we are agile and nimble

  2. Quality of candidates submitted - measured by cv submission to interview ratio

We deliver this value by ensuring that we fully understand each clients desired result and timeframe from the outset. Each search then receives dedicated resourcing, so that every assignment really counts for all team-members personally committed to that search. We do not submit speculative CV and will only submit qualified candidates that have been not only rigorously screened, but also challenged on their real commitment to make a move.

Key to our success are the highly productive referral networks we have developed - based on openness and real mutual benefit - that can tap hidden resources for our clients. All staff are encouraged to develop our networks into long term trusted relationships. Furthermore, Era's consultancy team think out of the conventional "client" and "candidate" boxes and are challenged to be creative in utilising all human and technological resources.

Satisfied clients include global consultancies, software/OEMs, telcos/hosting organisations, banks/FS, public sector and end users.

Era Associates - Recruitment Solutions That Work

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